Monday, August 27, 2007

Spinning Wind Effect in Photoshop Action

Spinning Wind effect is my second Photoshop Action that I will share with you for free.
Download, extract the file and load it to your Photoshop Action Panel.

If you don’t know what Photoshop Action is and how to install it, you can go to my previous tutorial post about Photoshop Action.

Spinning Winds.rar (545 B)
download spinning wind effect photoshop action

Getting start is easy. Go to the toolbox and find switch color palette for background and foreground. Set the background color in black, and you can choose whatever color as foreground.

photoshop color switcher

Create a new canvas work in any size and fill the canvas in black, when you set with your Photoshop Action to make this effect, just click play selection button below the panel.

play selection in photoshop action

Here is the result:

Spinning Wind in Photoshop Action

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